Tina Yokota, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Emergency Medicine
The University of British Columbia

Dates of Visit: February 3 – 27, 2020

Purpose of Visit

During the mini-sabbatical, Dr. Tina Yokota is excited to have dedicated time to learn and focus on research within medical education. She is hoping to gain experience and insight into researching direct observation, coaching, and self-reflection. She would like to engage in the CHES community to learn more about evidence-based medical education, implementation of the curriculum through best practice, and evaluations of medical education programs and curriculums.


Dr. Tina Yokota works as an emergency physician at the VGH emergency department. She is enrolled in the Masters of Education of Health Professions through Johns Hopkins University. She is interested in medical education and is actively involved closely with medical students and residents. Currently, she is working on curriculum development with a focus on direct observation, coaching, and self-reflection.